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Guidance for Grades K-3

3/20/2020 - Hi Lancers! It’s been a few days since Ohio schools closed their doors to reduce the spread of COVID-19. For children, this abrupt disruption to routine can feel confusing and scary – especially once the “newness” wears off. Sometimes, we use a tool called “Social Stories” at school to teach kiddos about behavior. They are simple, visual reminders that can be related to a procedure such as bedtime routines or riding the bus; social stories can also help with skills like managing frustration and anxiety. When read together, social stories help children make sense of their own feelings and the world around them.

Why Can't I Go to School? - English

Why Can't I Go to School? - Spanish 

3/17/2020 - Hello my little nuggets! I miss you SO MUCH!  It's not winter anymore, but I have attached a fun snowman game for you to play on your computer.