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Guidance for EVERYONE!

MIndfulness Exercise - we practice progressive relaxation at school during guidance. It can really help us when we are struggling to feel calm or go to sleep. Try it together with this video! 

Coronavirus Info   - What you need to know and how to calm your worries!

Trouble sleeping???? Scaredy Squirrel doesn't want to go to bed! What if he has a bad dream? Watch today's video book and conquer those nightmares with this discussion guide and relaxation script.

Home Safari:Something we do together  in guidance is learn about an animal each month that corresponds to our character traits. This is a fun way to teach students to think about ecology and their footprint in the world!  Learning about animals also helps students develop more compassion for others - after all, we are global citizens! Each day, the Cincinnati Zoo is uploading behind-the-scenes videos called "Home Safari". Check it out, Lancers!

Episode One: Bibi & Fiona the Hippos -

Episode Two: Rico the Brazillian Porcupine -

Episode Three: Sihil the Ocelot -

Episode Four: Moe & Lightning the Two-Toed Sloths -

Episode Five: John & Imani the Lions -

Episode Six: Seyia the Black Rhino -

Episode Seven: Pegnuins -

Episode Eight: Kris the Cheetah and Remus the Puppy  -

Episode Nine: Red Pandas  -

Episode Ten: Elephants -

Episode Eleven: Giraffes -

Episode Twelve: Lucille the Bearcat -

Episode Thirteen:Snow Leopards -

Episode Fourteen: Galapagos Tortoise -

Episode Fifteen: Meerkats -

Episode Sixteen: Flamingos -

Episode Seventeen: Wallabies -

Episode Eighteen: World Penguin Day -

Episode Nineteen: Armadillos -

Episode Twenty: Zulu the Turaco -

Episode Twenty-One: Fiesta the Macaw -

Episode Twenty-Two: River Otters -

Episode Twenty-Three:Eurasian Eagle Owl -

Episode Twenty-Four:  Chinese Alligators -

Episode Twenty-Five: Cougars -

Episode Twenty-Six: Pigs -